No One Wanted This Poor Dog, but Watch What Happens when This Girl Notices Her

Shelter dog Suzie gets adopted, captures the hearts of millions.

Please share with your local shelters and rescue pages. The more this video is shared, the more furry lives will be saved. People need to realize that while this is a video, the same thing is happening every day, right now.

You and I must act. If you know someone who is looking to buy a dog, suggest that they go to their local shelter first. There are a lot of little dogs like Suzie who are waiting for love and a forever home.

This video is a heart-breaker for a reason. It starts out featuring poor Suzie who eagerly waits to be adopted. She is saddened when she realizes that her neighbor has been adopted… but she hasn’t.

Things look bleak for Suzie. Her hopes are down. “Will I ever be adopted?” she thinks. Rest assured, Suzie’s luck is about to change. It’s due to her. Oh, this is a heart-tugger for sure.

Watch this video and please support Suzie by adding your comments to this video below. Speaking as the proud owner of four wonderful rescue pets (all four of us, 2 cats and 2 dogs), you won’t be disappointed by sharing this one.