No One Has Ever Performed “Little Drummer Boy” The Way Pentatonix Just Did

'Little Drummer Boy' By Pentatonix

'Little Drummer Boy' By PentatonixPentatonix has once again proven why they’re the number one acapella artists with their recreation of the timeless carol ‘Little Drummer Boy’ first performed by the legendary Trap Family Singers. It’s certainly come a long way since 1951, but this group has managed to keep the essence & feeling as pure as ever!

Their unbelievable vocal talent and acapella artistry have worked this song into an arrangement that no Christmas should be without. As one of the most popular songs from their ‘The Best of Pentatonix Christmas Album,’ you’ll love the way that they’ve retained the classic sound while still showcasing each of the five vocalists uniquely.

This rendition of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ by Pentatonix leaves one in the perfect place to embrace the Christmas spirit. It’s the ideal easy listening song for awaiting the big day. When you combine the richness of their voices with the catchy lyrics that we all know and love, it will just be a matter of time before you’re singing along.

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