No One Like You: 6 year-old boy’s surprising reaction to his newborn brother

If you bring home a new baby who isn’t your first, one thing you’re always wondering is how the other child (or children) will react. There is sometimes resentment: a new baby needs a lot of attention and that means less is available for any other children. That doesn’t mean less love, but it’s easy for a kid to take it that way. Fortunately, new arrivals are often greeted with warmth and even fascination.

One mom left her 6 year-old son alone with her newborn for a moment and came back to a really sweet scene. The boy was cradling his little brother in his arms and singing him a lullaby. Who knows, it may have been one his parents sang to him just a few years before. Mom had her phone with her and got the camera rolling as quickly as she could. The boy was singing John Denver’s “No One Like You.” It must have brought tears to mom’s eyes when her 6 year-old told his new brother, “I like your eyes. I like your nose. I like your mouth, your ear, your hand, your toes…”

John Denver was 11 when his grandma gave him an acoustic guitar. By the time he was in college, he was already good enough to play clubs. His original last name, Deutschendorf, was too long for marquees, so he changed it to Denver, the capital of his favorite state. The rest, as they say, is history. “No One Like You” appeared in “Rocky Mountain Holiday,” a 1982 album Denver made in collaboration with the Muppets.

Check out the video of this adorable boy singing to his brother — it’s posted for you below. After seeing it, you won’t be surprised it’s racked up more than 10 million views

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