No One Seems To Be Able To Sleep After Seeing This Terrifying Deep- Sea Monster Caught On Video

Have you ever wondered why so many researchers say that the vast majority of our oceans remain unexplored? Growing up I always assumed that we had found all the species that existed. I was really surprised when they kept finding new ones in the world’s oceans. The reason that they keep finding new creatures and we are not able to just go in and find all of them at once is: Pressure.

The more you dive into the ocean, the higher the pressure gets. The human body can only take so much as far as pressure goes. Diving any deeper than what is humanly possible is fatal. The only way to get any further down is by using some sort of specialized submarine.

We sometimes learn of a new species when it is washed off to the shore. The minute these animals are photographed, the images immediately go viral. To be honest, some of them seem to be taken out of a horror film. Very bulging eyes and huge fangs are among the usual features. The reason these animals are so different from the ones we know is that because they need to adapt. This process makes them experience changes in their bodies. After several years, their bodies adapt and this makes them more successful in getting food and staying alive.

One of these amazing creatures was allegedly caught by some fishermen near the coastline of Mexico. They had their fishing nets set up and they were ready to go. One of the fishermen notices a very strange pull in one of the nets. He asks for help and they manage to get the net into the boat. When they check what they caught, one of the fishermen thinks that it must be some sort of alien fish. It resembles a turtle but with very different colored skin. Something you must see to believe!

The creature in the next video amazed people around the world for many reasons. First, it is filmed swimming in the deep ocean. The camera can take very good shots of how the animal looks. This animal is particularly huge and honestly, a little bit frightening as well. I can only imagine the level of fear I would feel if I were to be diving and came face-to-face with it.

This footage was caught while some people were working to solve a problem in an oil rig. The camera points at something that looks like a very long pole. Suddenly, you can see something moving around in a very strange way. Initially, I thought it was some sort of octopus or maybe a giant squid. Giant squids were thought to be a myth only until a few years ago when one of them was caught. This new animal moves in a way I had never seen before. I was shocked and so will you. But don’t take my word for it.