No One Wanted To Befriend This Baby Goat, Until A Puppy Stepped In

Everyone in the world needs a friend, especially when you are a kid and you need quite a lot of friends to play with or share your time with. This little pygmy goat also wants friends, but his choice of friends is quite different from the norm. Perhaps that’s because no one wanted to play with him, and when he found someone who would, it just happened to be an unexpected choice of playmate for a goat.

Pipsqueak is an adorable little pygmy who hates playing alone in this farm. He wants to play with his fellow ‘farm-mates’ and frolic with friends, but as he looks around, all he sees are some puppies. Puppies are excellent at playing, right? Sure! They turn out to be the perfect playmates for this tiny goat. Pipsqueak just wants some friends to play with and is not shy to approach the puppies. But the problem is these pups think he’s kind of strange and don’t want to be friends with someone who is different from themselves, but Pipsqueak is persistent and not one to give up so easily.

Lucky for him, one shy puppy named Snowflake is curious about this animal who is so different and decides to take a chance and play with him. It’s not long before the others join in and everyone ends up having a good time.

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