A Noble Doctor From Vet Ranch Saves A Blind Puppy From Death. His Recovery Is SHOCKING!

Few people go through as many touching animal stories as veterinary doctors. Dr. Matt, who works at Vet Ranch, is no exception to this. He has seen countless tragic stories, since his hospital doesn’t charge any money for their services; the animals that he has to help sometimes are in the worst situations imaginable. From small cats to big dogs, and anything that might fit in between, he helps all kinds of animals survive the neglect and abuse they went through and find hope to recover and live a happy life again.

In the following clip, we will meet one of Dr. Matt’s luckiest patients, who was able to recover thanks to his amazing and endless dedication to his work. After he received the call about a puppy in poor conditions who was on death row and close to being put to sleep, he rushed to the little fella and brought him to his hospital. Soon after checking him out, he realized that on top of the mange and hunger issues that he obviously suffered, he had also gone blind due to intoxication. After a few days of intensive care and socialization, he was able to recover and be happy with other dogs in the clinic!

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