NOBODY Believed Her When She Told Them Her Baby Did THIS While She Slept. So She Recorded It!

If you have experienced parenthood, you can probably relate very well to the video featured below. Co-sleeping is no-sleeping, that is what the uploader wants to share with the world. Is the topic familiar, moms and dads? It features the morning routine of a mother and her tiny little daughter, and you will no doubt crack up when you see this!

According to her YouTube description, every morning the baby sleeps in her mother’s bed with her for a couple hours after she wakes up to eat. And every morning the poor mom asks herself why she didn’t just put her back into her crib. So this particular morning, she grabbed her cellphone and recorded what her baby alarm clock looks like. She is not alone in this is she?

My advice after watching this? Put the baby back in her crib and let her play! LOL! This poor mom can’t sleep because she’s got baby fingers up her nose, in her eyes, hair being pulled, and sometimes the baby lays her entire body across mom’s chest. I don’t know how she can breathe!

While mom is ready to sleep a bit more, this baby is most definitely awake and ready to explore. She’s cute and happy and ready to begin her day. But the real wake up call for mom comes right at the end of the video. I’m not going to tell you what this baby does, but you will definitely be laughing. And all you mom’s out there will probably relate to it.

Watch the video below! Have you experienced something similar with your baby? Let us know in the comments section!

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