Nobody Has As Many Toys As This Golden Retriever, But Wait Till You See What He Does With Them, LOL!

According to Wikipedia, the golden retriever is a cross between a certain type of retriever and a certain type of spaniel. Now, we know we can’t trust everything on Wiki, but in this case it’s easy to prove.

First, you find the face of a golden retriever and you put the face in the middle. Then you find the face of a yellow Labrador and the face of a brown spaniel, and you put these faces to the left and right of the golden’s. Now it’s time to compare. Look at the forehead round-off and the length of the ears. Do the golden’s ears and forehead look in between the other two?

That was easy to prove, wasn’t it? This YouTube channel called The Dodo has gone a step further. The Dodo’s video features a golden retriever named Golden. Dodo wants to prove that Golden is such a good retriever that he would retrieve anything.

So they bought Golden many different kinds of plush toys, a whole lot of them, like a truckload. After many days and nights, Dodo is ready to declare the result of his experiments. This very interesting and enlightening video is a summary of the findings.

The result is beyond a doubt that Golden will put anything in his mouth. What’s more, it also proves that Golden does not discriminate – he would give those of different colors and types and origins equal opportunity to be picked. In fact, Golden is so conscious of diversity that he’d retrieve something different to go to bed with every night.

This golden retriever’s inclusiveness impressed us a lot. What about you? Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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