Norbert The Puppy Will Put A Huge Smile On Your Face When You See Him Doing This

Nowadays there is vast quantity of animal stars that you can choose to follow in several social networks. We have seen many furry friends with paws become internet celebrities, and you are about to meet another one with a name as cute as he is. Meet Norbert, the cutest puppy in the world. He has his own fan base, which is understandable given how cute he is. The puppy’s parents decided not to keep so much cuteness hidden and we couldn’t be happier, since we can stay up to date with Norbert’s life on social media.

Little Norbert does the zoomies on the bed, jumping around and in small circles, looking as cute as ever. Somehow, he manages to let his personality shine through the moves he pulls off! Norbert is definitely a superstar, and his followers love watching new videos of course.  It’s clear that Norbert was born to attract as many fans just by his cheer charm and cuteness. His parents must have sensed this when they got him and decided to record his cool moves so we could all enjoy them.

I believe a great factor in Norbert’s success is that videos of animals being cute are just the best pick me up after a long day at work. It is scientifically proven that watching dog videos reduces blood pressure and stress hormone levels in the body. So start watching! It’s good for your health!

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