Watch How This 7-inch Micro Puppy Is Changing Millions of Lives

NorbertMeet Norbert, the adorable high-fiving therapy dog, who has become a Facebook star! Norbert is only around seven inches in height and as anyone can see is quite adorable. Here the little guy enjoys one of his favorite snacks by his owner, cheese, given the look on his face, he is enjoying his treat.

Nine years ago, his mommy, Julie Steines was looking on Petfinder for her first dog and stumbled across a tiny white ball of fur that was just 4 months precious old. “I never had a dog before and just saw him and said, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s him!'” Since that time, she has been sharing Norbert with the world via social and numerous hospital visits around the country.

Norbert, the cutest therapy puppy ever of the world, has become an Internet sensation and not without reason. Norbert has his own fan base and not unreasonably. The puppy’s parents decided not to keep so much cuteness hidden and we couldn’t be more glad, since we can stay up to date with Norbert’s life on social media.

Therapy dogs like Norbert are an important part of any health treatment. From soldiers with PTSD to shy autistic children, to prisoners behind bars, therapy animals have an amazing healing power which cannot be denied. In fact, it must not be denied if we want to help as many people as possible.

Norbert may seem like such a small unassuming dog who may just live the pampered life. But think again! Turns out Norbert maybe small, but he has a very big job. Norbert is actually a therapy dog. He works with patients who are recovering from accidents or illnesses. Given the cute sweet demeanor no doubt just being around this precious little guy is enough to lift anyone’s spirits.

A little bit about Norbert: Many people have asked: What breed is he?? Well, we wish we knew. Since he was a shelter/rescue dog, we can only guess, but experts say he is a mix of 3 breeds: Norbert’s breed is unknown, but we think his family tree includes at least 3 dog breeds, Chihuahua, Cairn Terrier & Lhasa Apso….

Norbert as seen here actually seems to smile when he is given his treat. His face literally brightens up and looking at him is enough to melt any heart with his silly grin. Norbert is definitely a superstar, and his followers love watching new videos of course, so be sure to share this before you go!

When you thought you ate the last cookie but find one more in the bag:

Watch How This 7-inch Micro Puppy Is Changing Millions of Lives