“This Little Pup Is Only 7 Inches Tall, But He Has A Very BIG Job!”

This cute little dog featured here is name Norbert. Norbert is only around seven inches in height and as anyone can see is quite adorable. Here the little guy enjoys one of his favorite snacks by his owner, cheese, given the look on his face he is quite enjoying his treat.

Norbert may seem like such a small unassuming dog who may just live the pampered life. But think again! Turns out Norbert maybe small, but he has a very big job. Norbert is actually a therapy dog. He works with patients who are recovering from accidents or illnesses. Given the cute sweet demeanor no doubt just being around this precious little guy is enough to lift anyone’s spirits.

Norbert as seen here actually seems to smile when he is given his treat. His face literally brightens up and looking at him is enough to melt the coldest of hearts.

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