They Were Doing Their Normal Dance Routine, But NOBODY Expected This Little Girl To Do THAT! LOL!

Kids are strange. You might say I’m being mean, but it is the truth! They don’t lag behind when performing crazy antics and their involuntary sense of humor is unmatched! They can go from being calm to riotous in a matter of seconds! And sometimes they will just be enjoying themselves, but they still make us laugh! Like this little girl here!

This video give below was filmed at preschool tap dance show and this cutie seems to love it beyond words. I don’t know if she forgot her routine, but I love the way she improvises her moves! She is not only enjoying herself, but she also manages to impress the people in the audience as well!

I think the audience is more interested in her performance than the performances of their own children! I can hear them laughing in the video, but because they are enjoying her dance, not to make fun of her. She’s absolutely adorable and has her own style and own way of doing those dance moves. How great!

She is spirited and seems to love what she’s doing, and she loves performing in front of the audience. She just happens to like her own routine more than the one the dance teacher taught her. I say good for her, and I bet her teacher does too!

What an entertainer this little girl is! You will definitely like this girl’s performance! Watch her in the video below! Share your thoughts about it in the comments!

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