It Was A Normal Day On A Beach – Until Something TOTALLY Unbelievable Appeared From The Sea!

There are always some bizarre incidents happening all around us. This video also features an unbelievable event that occurred in the beach of Cabo Brazil. A pod of dolphins got washed up on the beach due to the high tides. They were all alive and were hanging onto dear life when the tide pushed them to the dry lands. You’ll struggle to believe when you see what happens next!

Dolphins are social animals and they travel in pods. So, according to the scientists, when one of the dolphins get sick and swim towards the shore, most of the times a lot of members of his/her pod follow him/her and get washed up in the shore. This event in the video must have occurred because of the same situation. But the most interesting part of this video is not just the washed up dolphins but how humans reacted after they saw these dolphins. Local people gathered courage and helped these poor aquatic mammals to get into the water.

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