It’s A Normal Spider, But You’ll Lose Your Mind When It Moves! I Haven’t Seen ANYTHING Like It!

There are countless times I have run for miles at the sight of a tiny spider. These creepy crawlies give me the chills. But right now, I love spiders! This spider shown in the video is one of the most beautiful creatures on earth! I’m not exaggerating. You can see for yourself!

It is the Maratus speciosus, also known as the coastal peacock spider. It is approximately 4 mm in length and can be found along beaches near Perth in Western Australia. The uploader of this video states that due to this spider’s rarity, there has been no footage of this creature till date, even though people have been aware of it since 1874! Forget a wildlife documentary people! This video is the only available recording of a peacock spider!

This spider is a male Maratus speciosus (Coastal peacock spider) and this is its way to appeal to a potential female mate, which is the brown spider at the end. In the clip, he looks quite large, but he is actually tiny. He’s been magnified in the video so that you can see the reason he is nicknamed the “peacock” spider.

Just like the bird, he has colorful plumage on his back, and even though this spider’s colors can’t spread out, he can raise them up like a peacock does. He also has two very long “arms” that appear to rise from the middle of his body, like two tiny antennas.  And if I’m not mistaken, he has a row of four eyes on his head that might appeal to a female spider, but they give this female writer the creeps!

Watch this beautiful creature below! What did you think of this spider? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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