It Was A Normal Thanksgiving Parade Until THIS Happened! Barney Never Stood A Chance!

The fourth Thursday of November is rapidly approaching and you know what that means! Family, football and FOOD!

However, Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the special day it is without the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Whether you choose to brave the brisk, autumn New York air, or watch from the cozy comfort of your couch, the annual parade is such a delight for people of all ages, but the little ones especially love the masterful floats and wonderful performances.

However, the happy holiday took a turn for the worst on November 27, 1997. The cold and wind was especially bad on this Thanksgiving – or as I like to call it, the day that Barney died. As you’ll see in this video, America’s favorite big purple dinosaur put up quite a fight with help from his hardworking handlers, but even he was no match for the wind that day. Barney hit the ground hard and did not get back up. The dangerously high winds caused the Barney balloon to sail off course and slam right into a light post and fall to the ground.

You can hear the terrified screams from spectators as Barney hit the ground hard, but one commenter can be heard saying it best. “Give the kids nightmares,” he said. And it’s been haunting me ever since!

Hopefully the weather is permitting this year, as the parade celebrates its 70th anniversary. And hopefully every innocent float makes it out alive!

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