Nostalgic sounds not heard since the 80s and 90s

Specific time periods have unique sounds attached to them. If you lived through the 80s and 90s, you’d remember some of these classic sounds. ‘Rerun the 80s’ put together a nostalgic compilation of sounds from the 80s and 90s that aren’t heard anymore.

In a TikTok called ‘Sounds from your childhood!’ the description gives the listener the challenge to identify the sounds with their eyes closed. It reads, ‘I bet if you closed your eyes, you’d still know what most of these are!’

The compilation begins with the sweet sounds of the rotary telephone. Spinning that dial for each number was very tactile and rewarding. However, modern society wants to reach their friends and family much quicker. The spin back of the rotary dial is an essential 80s memory.

It also includes the cassette tape and VHS tape. If you grew up in the era, you would recall the click-clack of loading a tape into a boombox or a VHS into a VCR. The sound of rewind and fast-forward remind us of waiting for the machine to advance us to the next song or movie.

Another sound that is remembered is the ‘View-Master.’ The click of the ‘View-Master’ is ingrained in every 80s child’s mind. The fun of looking at pictures before cellphones and Instagram is hard to describe to today’s teens. The ‘View-Master’ was one of the only ways a kid could see the world back then.

Almost every kid in the 80s had a ‘Trapper Keeper.’ The unique velcro binder had a distinct sound when opened. Let’s just say that everyone in the class knew you were opening your binder when you cracked that crisp seal of the ‘Trapper Keeper.’

Another classic sound that filled every street corner and park was the ‘Boombox.’ The heavy sounds of the pushed buttons and the loaded cassette tape take you down memory lane. When the cassette was loaded, you knew the party was about to begin. These sounds bring back a fantastic sense of nostalgia.


???? Sounds from your childhood! ???? I bet if you closed your eyes, you’d still know what most of these are! #1980s #1990s #genx #80skid #90skids

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Nostalgic sounds not heard since the 80s and 90s