Not Even Two Weeks Old and This Baby Donkey’s Endless Energy Will Leave You Laughing

Baby animals are pretty much irresistible. From their looks to their charm, they really overwhelm us with how beautiful they can be. How full of qualities we reserve for only the young and spry. When you see this energetic donkey, you’ll be amazed at how much you can love him. His innocent flaunts and his amazingly carefree actions are going to be far from commonplace. As if his energy isn’t something out of the ordinary.

We find him being released from his stable and boy what a spark! He can’t be contained any more that’s for sure, as he runs lap upon lap of joyful freedom we see him, again and again, searching for his happy joy. I almost got dizzy from how fast this donkey was expressing himself. He really gave it all while his mother stood eating calmly. The fly protector on his mom limited her view of this bundle of energy, but it certainly didn’t limit this little guy. His precious face filled with such a large amount of joy.


The miniature donkey is one of the most energetic animals I’ve ever seen in my life. He will quickly be an internet sensation thanks to his natural energy. He sure is motivated to win this imaginary race with no one other than himself in it. He has so much joy he must show it off. The human parents to this beautiful miniature donkey really enjoy his display. They say that one day, sometime in the future this little guy will be put out to pasture where he can roam free a much larger patch of land.

Honestly, I think I need a nap after watching this guy romp and play. His energy has exhausted me, but I know I will watch again and again.

Not Even Two Weeks Old and This Baby Donkey\'s Endless Energy Will Leave You Laughing