Not One, Not Two, But Three Fully Grown Mastiffs Get Stuck In A Storm Drain

Cats have a well-earned reputation for being curious to a fault, but dogs are no slouches when it comes to being nosy, too. This can lead them to wonderful discoveries, but there are also those times when all they find is trouble. Just ask the three mastiffs who managed to get stuck in a storm drain.

The dogs in question are Oso, Max, and Daisy. They’re two brothers and a sister — when they aren’t stuck in a storm drain, they live happily at their home in Jefferson County, Colorado. Daisy is this trio’s “ringleader,” regularly getting her brothers to join her on adventures.


This time, they escaped from their yard and were quick to find trouble: a culvert leading to a storm drain. This was too interesting to ignore, so into the drain, they went. Getting out wasn’t so easy, however. After apparently getting lost in the dark maze of pipes, the three dogs climbed up to a curbside drain and got stuck there.

Fortunately for the pups, a passerby saw them and called for help. In due course, the three dogs were freed and back home safe and sound. Their human parents admit this isn’t the first time there was a storm drain caper but have now made improvements to their yard, so their lovable but mischievous mastiffs don’t escape again.


This is an excellent reminder for all pet parents: keep a close eye on your furry friends and make sure they can’t go on any adventures like this trio. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office later posted on social media: “Dogs are funny and curious creatures who love exploring, especially when they’ve escaped their yard. At least this furry group brought their friends along when they ran into a culvert nearby.”

Not One, Not Two, But Three Fully Grown Mastiffs Get Stuck In A Storm Drain