Not One Person Adopted This Poor Dog. But Watch What Happens When THIS Girl Notices Him! Wow!

When it comes to the world around us there are so many things that we can’t control. We are completely dependent on factors that are out of our hands and it’s scary to think what could happen that we don’t realize that we have the power to control others.

What I’m talking about are animals. There are so many animals in the world that are dependent on people and yet they are continuously let down. There are millions of dogs who are homeless, forced to try and survive on the streets and then there are the ones who end up in rescues and shelters. This video is about one of those animals

While they are given a warm place to sleep and food their time there is limited. Shelters are overwhelmed with the growing number of homeless animals and they are only able to keep them there for so long before having to make room for others. We all know what happens to those animals who don’t get adopted out and it is really scary to think about.

One of those shelter animals can be seen in this video here. In this video you will see an adorable little Beagle dog who is hopeful in finding their forever home, they patiently wait and watch as the other dogs around them are picked over them.

Then a little girl comes and the two have a moment together and it is love between the two. The video ends with the two are cuddled up asleep together, both are clearly in love with one another and are destined to be best friends for the rest of their lives.

This is one video that will leave you feeling happy for the two new friends and also leave you thinking how to make things better for an animal in your life.

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