Not your ordinary traffic jam: injured bald eagle in the road rescued

If you’ve ever seen a bald eagle in person, whether up close or even at distance, you know what an awesome sight America’s national bird is. These large, majestic raptors have powerful wings (you can really see this when they take off), sharp beaks, and fearsome talons. The contrast between a bald eagle’s yellow eyes and snowy white head is absolutely unforgettable. Thanks to conservation measures in the last half century, the species is back from the brink and an increasingly common sight throughout much of the country.

Even though bald eagles are making a comeback, motorists in Clearwater, Florida, still had to be astonished to see one standing in the middle of the road. Attempts to shoo the bird away to safety were unsuccessful, so someone called the police. The police officers who arrived on the scene didn’t have any luck, either. The eagle, obviously injured and frightened, just didn’t want to move. All they could do was block off a couple lanes of traffic and summon an eagle expert.

By the time a wildlife rescue specialist got there, the eagle had hobbled off the road on its own. After being trapped, it was transferred to a large pet carrier. Once the eagle was at the Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife, volunteers were able to examine it. Their best guess is that the eagle saw something tasty on the road and was hit by a car while feasting on it. Thanks to the generosity of Nature World Wildlife and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, top-notch medical care was available. The bird had suffered a chipped bone in one of its wings, which was easily fixed by veterinary surgeons. Within weeks, the eagle made a full recovery. After a few test flights, the amazing bird was ready to return to the wild!

This bald eagle’s rescue and rehabilitation made the national news — there’s a piece by Inside Edition posted below. How glad are you everything worked out for this resplendent bird? Let us know in the comments at Facebook and be sure to like and share!