Not Only Are They Having The SWEETEST Thanksgiving Dinner, They’re Giving Away Lotto Numbers too!

VAT19 is a group of people who got together because they had something in common – each of them woke up one morning and found that they had grown a sweet tooth. The sweet tooth is like the wisdom tooth, it shows up in some people’s mouths but stays hidden in others.

I don’t know if I have a sweet tooth – I’ll have to ask my mom – but the good folks at VAT19 have prepared this special Thanksgiving meal video for those who have it.

Everything looks absolutely sweet and yummy, don’t you think? The only thing that’s not easy to make is the gummy turkey. I think that’s why they had to have it shipped at some point.

It’s a 20-pound bird! I have to say it looks much smaller than the Butterballs at my grocery store. It is more politically correct though. It won’t offend my vegetarian and vegan Facebook friends. But they’re not going to like the 25,625 calories!

And 2959 calories for the cereal and marshmallow casserole, 3055 for the green jelly bean casserole, 4470 for the brownie crisp stuffing, 2000 for the gummy cranberry sauce, 1440 for the whiskey pecan, and the number is 41,454 all in!

Of course they didn’t just put all that stuff into a calorie counter, these are just random numbers. It’s like a federal judge that gets happy and gives out sentences of 312 months, 51 months, 88 months, and so on. The good thing about random numbers is that they have proved to be best at predicting lotto numbers, since lotto numbers are in fact randomly drawn – that’s the basis of the “Quick Pick” option when you buy a lotto ticket.

Please do not use this article as gambling advice. Please use the comments section below to let us know what you think. Has it inspired you to redefine your Thanksgiving dinner?

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