“This Rescue Dog Was Abandoned and Abused, But Today She’s Picking Out Her Very First Toy!”

A panicked puppy in a Los Angeles shelter is deemed too terrified for adoption and scheduled to be killed. When a rescue volunteer frees her at the last minute, the little girl is 15 pounds underweight.

The victim of severe neglect and confinement, her muscles are atrophied – even her tongue lolls in her mouth. It hurts her to walk more than a few feet, and she limps.

Named Roo, the puppy is randomly assigned to a volunteer foster parent with neither special skills nor experience with fearful dogs. He writes that he is, “just as scared as she is.”

You can read more about Roo’s difficult road to find love and happiness in Beker’s book, Notes from a Dog Rescue in Progress. Hopefully it will inspire more of us to help keep dogs from the tragic ending she was so close to having herself. Now watch the glorious moment when Roo gets to pick out her very first toy.

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