They Noticed This Baby Hanging By A Thorn In The Forest, But What They Do Next Stole My Heart!

A couple was enjoying their time in Timbavati Picnic Site in Kruger National Park, South Africa when they heard an odd noise coming from one of the trees. Initially, they assumed it to be a bird, but when they looked closer, they saw that it was a little baby squirrel, who was too young to open its eyes, hanging from its neck by a thorn.

Its mother was nowhere to be seen. So the couple, Elize and Anton Olivier, decided to take charge and rescued the poor injured baby. He was guessed to be around two weeks old, so his chances of surviving alone in the wild were pretty slim. They had to drive an SUV under the tree and stand on the roof to get to the little guy. They snuggled him in a towel and pulled the thorn out of his neck.

They said it looked like maybe birds, starlings, had been pecking at him, which made me just want to cry for this helpless little guy. But he’s safe now and he quickly learned to drink from a syringe. He’s so tiny and helpless looking, but his wounds healed quickly and his fur is starting to grow. He’s so cute in this clip, and his eyes aren’t open yet.

This rescue was very beautiful! Thorn, the baby squirrel, is now doing well in the Hands of Elize and Anton Olivier in Letaba. Thanks to these kind people for rescuing this scared and helpless little guy from this thorny tree.

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