They Noticed Their Puppy Taking His First Steps, But What Their Camera Captured Is Precious

Babies are one of the cutest things in the world, superseded only by puppies perhaps. Whether they are human babies or puppies or kittens or any other species, they just have a way of melting your heart because they are so innocent, so small, and so cute. However, this tiny little puppy in the video takes cuteness to a whole new level. His name is Tebow and he is a handsome newborn bulldog puppy that hasn’t even begun to get all of his wrinkles at the young age of three weeks.

In this video, little Tebow is learning to walk. He was born at Suburban Bullies and even the owners agree that he is a feisty little thing. Tebow now lives in his forever home in Hollywood. I am sure the new owners are deeply in love with him already! This puppy is ridiculously adorable, which is not surprising considering he is a wrinkly little bulldog. I mean just look at him! Watching this little guy try to walk when he’s so fat makes me think of the term “rolly poly” to describe him.  He practically rolls across the floor with his little short legs trailing behind him. He’s not short on cute noises either, proving just how feisty he’s going to be when he gets older.

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