They Noticed Their Puppy Taking His First Steps, And What Their Camera Captured Is Truly Special

Babies of any species are generally adorable, and this is an undeniable fact. However, puppies definitely have many other baby animals beat! This adorable bulldog, just a few days old, that was rescued is learning to walk in this clip! It is very heartwarming to see that this little guy already has a forever home. Without his mother it was unlikely he would survive, but now he has a new owner and caretaker who is clearly in love with him!

This tiny little puppy in the video takes cuteness to a whole new level. His name is Tebow and he is a handsome newborn bulldog puppy that hasn’t even begun to get all of his wrinkles at the young age of three weeks. What a lucky little guy he is to find such a loving forever home at such young age.

In this video, little Tebow is learning to walk. He was born at Suburban Bullies and even the owners agree that he is a feisty little thing. Tebow now lives in his forever home in Hollywood. I am sure the new owners are deeply in love with him already! This puppy is ridiculously adorable and just watching this will make you feel good. He is really getting a workout trying to learn to walk, but he looks happy, healthy, and fiesty as his new owner records him.

Watch Tebow in the video! Don’t you feel like stealing him away? Please share this video with all your friends and family on Facebook!

Be sure to share this video with your friends and family on Facebook because it will make them smile… and you’ll smile, too 🙂