She notices her friend has been captured. You’ll want to see what happens next!

What would you do if you saw that a dog was trapped or had been captured by some shady people? Would you try to rescue the dog? Maybe, right? Now, what do you think a dog would do? Do you think he or she would take risks for the sake of saving her friend? Probably. The thing about dogs is that they would probably take greater risks than people.

There is a reason that people say that dogs do not feel fear. This is something you may or may not agree with, but what is true is that dogs have a big heart and they do not mind putting themselves at risk for the sake of rescuing a person or another dog. I remember reading a story in South America. Storm season was in full swing and it had caused major floods in the area.

Many people had left their houses fearing for their own lives. Some of them took the essentials with them while others didn’t take anything. It was just running with whatever they had on their backs. For some of them who had small dogs, carrying their dogs was easy. People who had larger dogs just lead them through the rising waters to get to safety.

There were street dogs who didn’t have this privilege. For them, it was every dog for himself, or at least that’s what it looked like. I saw a video on YouTube that would put many theories to the test. You could see one dog who was on top of a small hill while another dog was seeing the rising waters take everything he could use to float.

The waters were so strong that they were taking cars and trucks with the currents. The dog on the small hill seemed to encourage his friend to jump to where he was. There were about 8 feet between one dog and the other. Unfortunately, the dog couldn’t run to get the momentum he needed because the currents had surrounded him at this point. The other dog kept barking to encourage him until the dog finally jumped and he barely made it.

The following video also shows how deep the bond between two dogs can be. A rescue group gets a report that there are two dogs who are living in a truck yard. The moment the rescuers get there and are led to where the dogs are by the owner of the yard, they notice that there’s a very strong bond between them. Neither of them wants to leave the other’s side. Will the rescue group be able to get to them without getting injured? Just watch!