This Nurse Has An Amazing Way Of Calming Newborn Twins. I Was Astounded By It.

One of the hardest things after birthing newborns – we know how just the act of bringing them to the world is difficult for mothers. But after that, when you have these little tiny beings in your hands, how do you soothe them from their new, loud environment. A French nurse shows one way – reproduce the womb for them. We see her do this with two newborn twins in this video and it’s incredible.

We see the nurse’s hands holding these two newborn twins in the water, making sure to support their necks and raise their faces above water level. These babies have tiny lungs, so it wouldn’t take much water to create a tragedy. It works really well, though. They hug each other closely, like they might if they were back in their mommy’s womb. It’s really quite a sight to see – they are SO relaxed here. Not a cry from either of them.

The biggest thing that the nurse has to watch out for is keeping their noses and mouths out of the water. She may be simulating the womb, but these twins are now air breathers and not living in placental fluid, where they get their oxygen from the umbilical cord. It’s a sweet video but I found myself saying, “Whoa!” a few times during it. It is cute seeing them yawn and stretch, though.

Mommy and Daddy might want to pay CLOSE attention to what the nurse is doing. Having colicky or just irritable twins might lead to some very long nights and something like this might nip it in the bud. But they have to be very careful… it looked like the nurse was using some kind of special filter for the water. It seemed to be coming out at a regulated pace. This would only be used early on. Now if the nurse could create a new method for rocking them to sleep…

Those twins were the cutest! Wouldn’t you agree? There’s nothing like looking at newborn babies. Be sure to leave a comment below!

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