Nurse Brings Out Babies For Mommy To Hold. I Was Amazed By How Many There Were!

Ashley and Tyson Gardner, who live in Utah, went through a lot of effort to get pregnant. Eight years and no success. Then they did in-vitro fertilization, which worked really well – she became pregnant with two sets of twins! Quadruplets, if you want to be really specific. They were over the moon and they posted images from the ultrasound, which then went viral. Life became a little tougher after that.

This whole pregnancy must have felt like an odyssey for both Ashley and Tyson. The quadruplets were born very prematurely at 29 weeks… or more than two months early. They were in intensive care for two months, but all of them came out healthy. This video shows them at about three-weeks old. Ashley wanted to hold all of them together and the nurses were more than happy to oblige.

The best part of the video is when the nurse brings out the fourth baby. There’s a little bit of a shuffle as they have to figure out the best placement. It’s like, “Wait. We need to move this one from the crook of your arm… there we go.” I can’t imagine what would have happened if she wanted to hold eight kids if she’d had that many. That would have required a lot of delicate positioning and probably people on the floor nearby ready to catch anything.

The Gardner family embraces their children. Heck, their YouTube channel name is “Gardner Quad Squad” and they have a website of the same name where they blog about their life and other views. It’s amazing that all four of them have grown up to be so big, especially when you look at the pictures of these little tiny babies that were smaller than loaves of bread at first. It shows you that preemies can do anything!

As a father, I loved watching this video. One of the happiest times was when I watched my wife hold our son for the first time.

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