Nurse Dips Them In The Bath. Now Watch How The Twin On The Left Reacts! PRECIOUS!

There are a lot of stories that display and describe the bond between mothers and their children. Some of them are told, while some are untold. A few months back we came across a story where one of the newborn baby twins appeared to be a stillborn. But when mom Kate Ogg and her husband held him tightly, the baby came back to life. We cannot deny the power of touch.

Similarly, there are a lot of stories about twins and their supposed relationship before birth. The special bond between these two twins only proves that. French nurse Sonia Rochel created this truly heartwarming moment between these twin babies when she decided to show the new parents a unique bathing technique that is reminiscent of the warmth inside the mother’s womb. Rochel specifies that this process should not be reproduced without the help of a professional.

We see the twins in a basin with running water, and one of their parents is holding each of their heads above the water while the twins, amazingly, hold each other like they would in the womb. They both appear to be asleep. They are so calm and peaceful looking.

I watched this and wondered if this technique could be used to calm and soothe them if they were sick or colicky. Even the music in the clip is soothing and would be perfect to play while bathing the babies.

Watch the video below. Aren’t they adorable? Let us know what you think in the comments!