Nurse Films Newborn Cuddling Mom’s Face and It Is Beautiful

There is undoubtedly a connection, a bond if you will, that forms between the mother and the unborn child. The whole experience of pregnancy is amazing and beautiful for the mother (okay, maybe not the whole thing – but we genuinely do forget most of the horrible parts after the baby is born). No matter if you have a comfortable or miserable pregnancy, there is no doubt that when the baby is born, there is an overwhelming feeling of love for that tiny, precious infant.

When the baby is finally born, the mother sees and feels it as a culmination of a wonderful journey. Doctors around the world will put the baby on the mother’s chest almost immediately after birth. The skin-to-skin connection is a comfort to a newborn and part of the bonding process. Even in the case of a cesarean section, the doctors and nurses will almost always bring the baby to the mother’s face so she can see and feel the infant, and vice-versa.

The next video will make your heart melt. A woman in Brazil has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy. The doctors cut the umbilical cord and clean the baby for the mother. Then, they place the baby near the mother’s face, but what happens next? When the doctors try to take the baby away, the baby hangs on to the mother. It looks as if the baby doesn’t want to let her go. Are you ready for a jumbo dose of cuteness?

Nurse Films Newborn Cuddling Mom\'s Face and It Is Beautiful