Nurse Tries Cleaning Up Newborn, Can’t Believe Her Eyes When Baby Starts ‘Running’ Away

Many of us have had the chance of seeing what a normal baby delivery looks like. It usually involves a lot of pushing, people giving out a lot of directions and a sense of relief once the baby is born and the process of starting to clean the baby up and get him of her, ready to meet his mother.

The case of this Brazilian baby is somewhat special. This is happening in Brazil, by the way and as the video shows, it is something that you really what do see it to believe it. Usually the experience of child birth by itself is traumatic in itself, therefore babies are usually happy if they get the chance of being held by the mother or anyone and also to be able to cuddle up somewhere.

The nurse is now tidying the baby up when she notices something very different about these babies. Babies are unpredictable, each time one of them thinks that she has seen it all, something else happens that makes her confirm that she has not seen anything yet.

She is holding the baby with one arm as she is cleaning him up. The baby all of the sudden starts to walk away. Now listen, we are talking of a newborn baby and not the sibling of one. And this baby is only about a few hours from being born. Babies are not supposed to walk at least not for another year if he or she is lucky.

This video has been viewed well over 100 million times, it really has gone viral, but how can this be? How can a newborn learn by him or herself to walk when the baby doesn’t have the age to do so? Does this have some sort of medical explanation? Is this a case of baby super-human feats?

We knew that if we were going to get to the bottom of this, we would need to contact a real expert on this matter, so we contacted Megan Heere, MD, who works as an assistant professor of pediatrics at Temple University and medical director at Temple’s Well Baby Nursery as well and we were also shocked at what she had to say. She said that these types of behavior are ‘normal.” But, how could this be? I don’t remember hearing any stories like this one at the time that I was born. This is something you have to see yourself to believe.