Nurse wheels newborn into the elevator, then grandma notices something suspicious

Kidnapping babies has been a very serious crying that has hit our nation. The way people would do it is they would dress up as medical staff. While they impersonated hospital-staff members, they would use any excuse to take the baby out of the hospital. Sometimes they would say the baby needed vaccination, or that he was just a general checkup. When asked to perform the check-up in the mother’s room they would make up any excuse.

After a wave of those crimes hit our nation’s hospitals, many safety measures were implemented. As a result, baby kidnapping has greatly decreased. The measures hospital take now are for example, colored badges. Only certain color badges can have access to the baby and take the baby out of the room. The mother also has a call button to let hospital security know whenever there’s a breach in security. Security is usually very fast and can apprehend the kidnapper. They also contact authorities.

There are certain countries that still don’t have those safety measures implemented. For them, virtually anyone wearing doctor’s uniform can take the baby without asking questions. In Latin America, there was a huge wave of baby kidnappings about three years ago. In places like Mexico, they would get staff uniforms and would take babies using any excuse. For some parents, this was normal.

They didn’t question anything. Sometimes these kidnappers were not even wearing a badge. All they had was a forged ID hanging on their sleeve. After several minutes, the parents started to get anxious. It was until then that they would contact nurses or doctors. Hospital personnel would start to look for the baby in every possible place. They would often not find the baby anywhere. By this time, the kidnapper was long gone. The parents wouldn’t have any description to give the police and this made their capture even more difficult.

In China, there was a case that has gone viral. This takes place in the Sichuan Province. Security cameras capture the whole thing. A woman wearing a nurse’s outfit is seen walking heading to the baby’s ward. She takes one of the babies and starts pushing the stroller towards the elevator. When she gets to the entrance, she is stopped by the baby’s grandmother.

The baby’s grandmother starts asking the nurse all sorts of questions. When the nurse is not able to provide good answers, the grandmother gets even more suspicious. By this time, they are already on the elevator. The grandmother demands the nurse takes the baby back to the ward. She even places herself between the baby and the nurse. After taking her grandson back, the nurse is seen getting on the elevator and fleeing the site. Security is notified and fortunately, she is captured.