Nurse’s aide sneaks into patient’s room to perform an amazing act of kindness

Jeremiah’s grandmother Helen lay dying in the hospital, but at least the nurses and other hospital staff were doing their best to provide the care she needed. One in particular, performed an amazing act of kindness.

The modern nursing profession began in the 1850s in the aftermath of the Crimean War. The British nurse Florence Nightingale served in field hospitals and later published a groundbreaking book about nursing and also established the first nursing school. During the first half of the 20th century, nursing expanded and became more professionalized, with university degrees, academic journals, and professional associations. As with the medical profession generally, nursing developed specialized branches. The long and short of it is that becoming a nurse requires a lot of work and a lot of knowledge. Hospital patients and their families often greatly appreciate what nurses do for them, but unfortunately, society at large tends to give scalpel-wielding doctors all the glory.

Isabelle is a nurse’s aide, providing care for patients under the supervision of a nurse. She’s willing to go the extra mile for her patients, including acts of kindness that aren’t part of her formal job description. When she found out that Helen didn’t have much longer to live, she decided it was time to go above and beyond the call of duty. Even though it was her day off, she snuck into Helen’s room and asked her if she could sing for her. That was fine with Helen, so Isabelle sang her a beautiful, comforting song. Her voice can only be described as angelic.

Fortunately, this was caught on video — we’ve posted it for you below. Jeremiah put it on the internet because he wanted everyone to know what a wonderful job Isabelle does for her patients and especially the kindness she showed his grandmother.

What did you think of the humanity this nurse’s aide brought to a dying woman? Know any nurses you’d like to give a big thank-you to? Let’s hear from you in the Facebook comments and be sure to like and share!