Nurse’s graduation became an epic family reunion.

The result of summarizes uncountable moments in our life’s spam defines who we really are. From the moment of our birth, we pass through several stages that give us an important lesson one step at a time. We are born, go to school, get married, have kids, and with a little bit of fortune, we can relive the cycle again through our children eyes. But the little details are the one that makes us unique and special.
Many of you have been present in graduation’s ceremonies, so you can understand how important this day is for your relatives. Watching someone you know achieving a personal goal and growing up towards a better future can be a very touching moment. Nothing makes you more proud than this, especially when the battle to obtain the title was significantly hard.
The next story is going to show you that all the memories you create are more precious when you share them with your family.
Rasmussen College at Minnesota was the center of a wonderful graduation ceremony in which a new promotion of new nurses was going to celebrate the ending of their undergrad studies. If you are not familiar with this type of ceremony you have to know that nurses are allowed to select the most special relative to accompany them at the stage, put on the pin and bestow the diploma.
Penny Pearson was among these futures professionals and when they asked her to choose a special person she knew right away that her son Dustin Pearson was the best candidate possible to do it, she wanted to dedicate him all the effort and sacrifice she made in order to make him proud of the terrific mom he had. Moreover, it was a complicated situation regarding the fact that her son was busy serving the country with the military forces. Due to the circumstances and knowing that her son was not going to be able she chose her husband to do it instead.
Dustin Pearson is a member of the United States Army; he climbed his way up to achieve the position of sergeant, by that time he was fighting against the rebels in Kuwait so it was pretty certain that he was not going to be at the ceremony. But with the help of some other conspirators, they prepared a special surprise to his mom.
When it was the turn of Penny, she was expecting her husband to show up but for some reason, nobody appeared. A few minutes later someone came from behind and she recognized him immediately, it was Dustin. The expression on her face was indeed “Priceless”, she couldn’t resist her emotion so she burst into tears hugging her beloved son.
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