This Nutty Dog Had Me In Stitches Within Seconds! Wait Until You See The End

Summer is sadly gone completely, and what easier way to remember the dog days than reminiscing about those relaxing and hazy times hanging out by the pool? The greatest thing about these outdoor times is that you can bring your furry friends with you.  Most dogs love water more than their human counterparts.

This is an incredible compilation of hysterical K9 pals doing their thing in swimming pools so watch out. Jumping into pools, racing, playing, or splashing, fun is totally never-ending when you have a dog and some water even if it’s just a kiddie pool.

Below, you will check out a montage of many exciting and inspiring clips that many pups shared with their families on the water. Some dogs are clumsy in the drink while others have a very natural ability about them. Either way they all add their unique brand of funny to any water time summer situation.

Here they are for you so please let us know what you think about the video in the comments section and then pass this great video along to all your animal loving friends.

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