NYC Doesn’t Allow Roosters, This Chicken Rescuer’s Life Changed Forever

A woman who worked at a rescue in New York City found a chick lost on the streets. Within just a short while of being taken to their place of sanctuary, the little one named Bree had grown affectionate for his new mom, and they’ve been a family ever since.

Bree was rescued off the streets of New York City, and his new mother loved him so much that one they found out that the chick had grown to become a rooster, crowing for the first time, she moved out of the city to keep him. Today, they spend every moment together.

There was no way that Bree could be handed over to another after the little one had grown up side-by-side with his human. The two even slept in bed together from the start. Their bond is like nothing most have ever imagined possible.

Today, they couldn’t be happier. Just wait until you see how quirky this rooster is. From presenting a happy dance whenever she gets home to sleeping on his side like a little human, Bree is incredible.