This Obedient Dog Waits For His Treat, But Look At Who Comes From Behind!

This video is too adorable to not show it to the whole world! A very disciplined and well behaved pup is patiently waiting for his owner to give him a treat. Dad proceeds to put a treat right on top of his face, on his nose, and you won’t believe how the dog reacts! He stays completely still, showing that his training with Dad has been very fruitful. What a good boy!

He patiently waits until his owner gives him the order to eat the treat, but all of a sudden, someone comes from behind to spoil his trick! His brother, another dog, goes right for his head and takes the treat all for himself. But the best part is the well behaved dog’s reaction to him. He’s so confused, as he still expects to receive a treat for his obedience.

It’s a reaction that’s just too beautiful for words. He knows that he’s a good boy, and he wants his owner to recognize him for his efforts. I think the video is hilarious because of the way the doggy keeps stealing his brother’s treats, but I only hope that Dad gave all the treats that he deserved to the sweet little pup.

See this precious moment for yourself in the video right below.

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