An obedient human is a happy human: so says a cat who walks his human dad

Many cat parents scoff at the idea of leash-training. Cats, after all, love roaming around freely and isn’t that the quintessence of being a feline? However, there are cat people (including veterinarians) who think taking a cat out for a walk on a leash can actually be beneficial: not only is it a way to get some exercise, but all the new sights and smells provide great mental stimulation. It isn’t for every cat, though. Age, health, or personality can make a cat uncomfortable being outdoors; so don’t force the issue.

Of course, before you can take your cat out for a walk, you have to get them accept the idea of being connected to a tether. It’s easiest with a kitten but more of a “process” with an adult cat. Bribery via food eases makes it easier, of course! It’s important to be patient and proceed at the cat’s pace. This could take days or even weeks.

As you’ll see in the video posted below, one human got his cat Kodi into a leash only to have the roles quickly reversed, with Kodi taking charge and walking his human! Not that a cat deciding he’s the one in charge should surprise anyone.

Kodi came up with a simple seven step program for walking a human. First, a cat has to establish dominance over the leash: show it who’s boss. Second, take the lead: you’re walking the human not the other way around. Third, walk in front of them to emphasize who’s in charge. Fourth, once they’re comfortable, bring them to a jog (humans need exercise to thrive). Fifth, test their obedience: they should never walk in front of you. Sixth, if the human stops, give a tug to encourage them to start moving again. Seventh, if there are other cats around, it’s absolutely essential that you show them you’re in complete control of the human.

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