Obese dog gets fit and can’t stop smiling

Adorable Dog

Bertha, a highly obese Beagle-Pug mix, was picked up by Meredith Wille who is a canine rehabilitation practitioner and a fitness trainer. Meredith helped Bertha transform into a fit and happy little do that can’t stop smiling.

Meredith weighed Bertha and found that she was 63 pounds. For a dog of her size, she was really full. She could not even walk properly. However, Meredith did not leave hope.

She knew that she could get the dog back to normal with the right person and proper guidance. She was already in love with the cute dog. So, she took Bertha home and started to figure out how to reduce her weight.

Dog smiling

She would count her calories and put her in a complete weight loss program. Then, after a week, Meredith put Bertha on the underwater treadmill; she walked five steps and wanted to quit.

It was really a massive effort for Bertha to do anything. When other dogs would play or exercise they would love to take a nap. So, Meredith had to be very creative to make Bertha exercise. She would fill up her tank and make her swim.

After several attempts Meredith was able to make Bertha walk on the treadmill. However, she could walk only for two minutes and then had to stop and continue again. Bertha started to reduce weight soon with the help of her mom.

Meredith feels that Bertha doing simple dog things is an excellent achievement for her. Because when Meredith got her, she could not do any simple day-to-day things in her life. Bertha is now 29.6 pounds and has been adopted by Meredith, and is living the best days of her life.

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