Oblivious Kitten Escapes Grim Fate Thanks to Man’s Advice. When I Saw It, My Heart Almost Stopped!

The rules of the road can be a bit confusing at times. “only turn on red,” who has the right of way, and when to cross the street. Well, we’ve evolved a bit for that last part. However, when you’re less than a foot off the ground, covered in fur, it all sounds like “meow” to me.

There are many blunders we all make. I mean, the amount of times we’ve all secretly jay walked could fill a book. Yet, one precious cat seems to take on an entirely new form. The kitten saw the same idea when passing by an arcade. She saw the trials and challenges on Frogger faced and felt she was up to the challenge.

The radio plays in his modest car as he drives down the road. A red light brings all the traffic to a stop and he taps casually to the beat. He looks around but something catches his eye. He had seen a kitten like this before. Passing by an arcade, if he remembered correctly. The light quickly changes from red to green and all drivers are ready to go. He holds on his brake for the small cat. Just trying to find his place in the world and cross the street.

However, he finds himself out of his car yelling. “STOP!” he shouts at his highest and most desperate volume. His plea fell on deaf ears, as he quickly had to take matters into his own hands. The tiny kitten almost got away, yet this man made sure to secure his clumsy new cat friend.
“This must be the secret level,” thought the small kitten.
The man breathed a sigh of relief and held the grateful, young, licking kitten. I almost lost it, but he sure did save him! Could you imagine seeing that?

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