Obnoxious Driver Screams At Frail Woman As She Crosses Street — But She Gets Her Revenge!

An elderly lady was trying to cross a road, when suddenly, an obnoxious jerk driving a posh and rare care stops and starts yelling at her in desperation. This poor lady was minding her own business as this clown comes up and takes out all his frustrations on her. Little did he know what she had in store for him though!

No one expects what happens next as she decides that she has had enough and that she is going to teach this guy a lesson that he won’t soon forget.

As the old saying goes, patience is a virtue, and not everyone was taught this important lesson that allows us to function in a society together.  Not everyone can go around and act like a toddler throwing a fit and if they do then if a little old lady like this lets them have it then tough!

The outcome of this video is absolutely hilarious and you won’t forget it anytime soon. Please let us know what you thought about the tough old lady in the comments section below. We would greatly appreciate it if you shared the video with any tough senior citizens that you might know as well.

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