Obnoxious Woman Makes Fun Of The Bag Boy With Special Needs. But Watch The Lady In Red…

Who among us doesn’t get a little bit testy when waiting in any kind of line? Maybe we  feel that our time is being wasted or perhaps it’s because we are not in control.  No matter which it is, these situations can sometimes bring out the worst in us all. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting in a long line at the grocery store when you just want to get home.

You realize that the problem is that the bag boy is moving at one speed, slow motion. You don’t have time for this because you have a million other stops to make after picking up the groceries for the week. Next you see that the bag boy has Down Syndrome and is trying his very best, so how do you react?

This was the idea behind an episode of What Would You Do? The show  places hidden cameras to record how people act when put in uncomfortable and difficult situations. In this episode, real customers were held up in a backed-up grocery line and confronted by rude and impatient stand ins, played by actors, who would try to encourage the real customers to make fun of the special needs employee. “They shouldn’t hire these people,” one of the actors says. “They waste everyone’s time!”

The outcomes here in this video are a real testament to the human spirit and we are very interested in hearing what you think about it. Please comment and share the video with friends and family alike.

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