Obsessed kitten follows his dad everywhere

A man who loves animals is the cutest and the sexiest. In this post, you would see a man who has completely fallen in love with his pet kitten. He loves to spend his time with him.

The video is so heart-warming that we guarantee you will fall in love with the family. Sacha was adopted by Michael and Peggy as a baby, and both of them treat him as a family member.

At the beginning of the video, you would see the couple introducing Sacha to everyone. As soon as they come inside the house, the young kitten can be seen exploring the place.

She is pretty comfortable with her new family members and loves to cuddle and sleep with Michael. You can find Sacha looking at Michael while he does random chores such as making a coffee or brushing his teeth or driving, sleeping & reading books.

You will always find them together as if they are obsessed with one another. Towards the end of the video, you can even see Michael exercising and playing with his kitten.

Being together at Lunch and dinner is a custom for both of them. Michael allows the kitten to do what he likes and allows the necessary space any animal would need.

You can clearly understand that the kitten totally adores and trust his human and considers himself safe when Michael is around. This story shows the unique bond between a human and their animals.

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