“Ocean organ” uses waves to make hauntingly beautiful music

Sea Organ

To draw magic from nature, the architect Nikola Bašić explored Zadar in Croatia. Zadar has wind, water, and fire, which he harnessed to create beautiful natural spots for the people of the seeming wasteland.

The 230-foot edifice would create a sort of music just from the beating of wind and waves from the sea. It has since then become a place where people could be connected to nature, especially those living close to the ocean and mountains.

The edifice is accessible and is now known as a concrete jungle exhibiting the thrill of nature. People who live around the place now have their buildings rebuilt. Some of them testify that their community now bustles with life since the construction.

Sea Organ

The place which was dull now got lively. The architect, Nikola Bašić, seems to believe in creating legacies for people, not just buildings. The Sea’s Organ has concrete steps with holes and gaps on either side and at the roofs.

When you step inside, you experience the dimensions of the seven flights parallel to each other. The architect also installed polyethylene tubes to generate music notes from the wind waves in the ocean.

Each slap of the wave creates beautiful sounds. This makes it the best spot for sunset for those who need relief from the day’s work. Another essential thing about the building is the warmth from the sun in the evening.

Nikola found a way to make use of the solar energy system there. He created multilayer glass panels, each collecting sun energy during the day. As the waves do wonders at night, so does the light move in its direction.

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