An offer you can’t refuse: a company employed gangster cats for their commercial

As we all know, cats rule the internet. So any sensible company that wants to create a good, memorable commercial would have to be nuts not make cats part of its advertising strategy. In the video posted below, you’ll see how one company did a great job tapping into our feline friends’ endless supply of cuteness and comedy.

The Thailand-based company Cotto got its start in the tile making business back in 1979. Since then, it’s expanded its offerings and now produces everything for the bathroom: fixtures, faucets, furniture, shelving, and much more. Cotto has also branched out into slabs, wall coverings, and counter tops. The company has a team of talented designers who are determined to make all their products look good. It isn’t really so surprising that such a design-oriented company would create a hilarious commercial featuring a gang of cats!

The commercial begins with a gang of six cats having a meeting in the living room. The leader, who’s larger and fatter than the others, is addressing them. “How did we let it get to this?” There’s a flashback to an incident a couple of weeks earlier: their human mom was tracking them down one by one so she could give them each a bath. Needless to say, it’s not something any of the cats were looking forward to. They all hid in a vase but then their leader’s flatulence sent them scrambling out in a hurry. Mom quipped, “How lucky, the vase didn’t break.” Then, holding the gang leader, “Time for a bath, your highness.”

Next we cut back to the present. The leader of the cats tells his crew, “We’re not gonna take it anymore! No more! We’ll not endure bathrooms any longer! Attack!” Naturally enough, the cats discover that the bathroom has been completely redone with products by Cotto. The cats are left in awe.

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