They Offered A Dying Puppy A Peaceful Place To Spend Its Final Days— But She Lived Instead

When traveling to other countries, one of the best ways to get a good taste of the culture and give back is to get involved in the community. Mary and her three daughters had this idea when they moved to Ankara, Turkey after her husband was offered a job there.

Mary and her daughters chose to volunteer at a local shelter, a decision which would change all of their lives forever. The shelter had very little funding, but a whole lot of dogs. Over 4,000 dogs lived at the shelter, and many went unfed.

During her time at the shelter, Mary encountered a litter of four puppies who were dying from distemper. The overrun shelter meant they weren’t getting attention or care, and Mary decided the best thing she could do was offer the puppies a place to pass in peace.

She and her daughters brought the dogs home, set them up a nice place, and before long three of them moved on. One little puppy refused to give up, though, and day by day she miraculously grew stronger.

Though 80% of dogs in the late stages of distemper die, this puppy–who Mary named Faith–held on and conquered the disease. Though she still has a long way to go emotionally, she’s got a great family to grow strong and healthy with.

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