Officer Collapses Guarding Prisoners. What Inmates Do Next Leaves Sheriff In Awe

We hear so many bad stories every day that sometimes we feel that there is no more hope. Whenever we turn on the radio or television we hear about these very sad stories. Some of these tragedies are suffered by adults or children. Nevertheless, it shows the reality of the world we live in. Inmates are frequently considered evil in nature. People say that once you do a terrible thing you’re always a bad person.

We are what we repeatedly do, right? After all, we’ve all seen the cases where inmates harm someone as soon as they get the chance. This happens both in and outside prison. But our old these men and women beyond hope? Is there really nothing that can be done for them?

Not all people in prison are evil and not all people who are not in prison are good people. This is hard to believe when very recently to inmates overpowered a couple of officers and killed them. After this, they escaped leaving the two officers there. Can inmates be capable of doing good things? A deputy in Georgia would soon find out. They were doing some gardening work in a cemetery in Polk County. There was a total of six inmates and a deputy guarding them.

The deputy started feeling dizzy and told the inmates where his phone was in case he needed help. The deputy fainted and the inmates were left with no one guarding them. Many would say this would be the perfect chance for the inmates to escape. Maybe they could even take his gun and any money he had with them. But to everyone’s surprise, they did the opposite!

They went to see if he was alright and took his gun belt and bulletproof vest off him. One of the inmates started performing CPR while another called 911. Paramedics arrived at the scene by the time the deputy was already breeding. One of the inmates told police that when the deputy collapsed he wasn’t breathing.

After performing CPR, the officer managed to breathe on his own, although he was breathing quite heavily. Now, these six inmates are being hailed as heroes. When they asked him why haven’t they escaped and left the deputy there the response was stunning: he is like part of the family. Inmates said that you don’t leave your family line on the floor, and when someone needs help it doesn’t matter who is wearing stripes and who has a badge. The sheriff thanked the inmates and said that they had stepped up and shown that they really cared for his officers. This is evidence that good can come from the least expected places!