Officer And His K-9 Walk Up The Trail, But When The Dog Finds A Ball? Adorable!

There’s nothing as dignified and amazing as a service dog giving his all for the duty. These unbelievable dogs risk their lives to protect and serve the people who have trained him and the citizens that he loves, and it’s mind boggling because they can barely understand the huge duty that they are doing. Even if they can’t comprehend it all, they still fight and work very hard for all of us.

Some of the most amazing trained service dogs work in the police, in the famous K9 division. The most common dogs in this area are German Shepherds, because they have a level of obedience and discipline that would put most humans to shame. They have an amazing level of intelligence and strength that makes them invaluable allies when it comes to protection duty.

The video below showcases the training program that German Shepherd puppies undergo to eventually become K-9 officers. It requires a lot of patience and determination, and the cost of training a dog to be a K-9, from puppy age to adulthood, can be quite high, that’s why they’re so special and rare. I can’t believe that these adorable fluff balls can eventually become fierce police officers!

Watch this cute K9 video right below!

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