Officer Refuses Direct Orders To Kill Wild Animals And Pays A Hefty Price For It

There are very few jobs where you are going to be stuck in moral dilemmas. A couple of them are the military and law enforcement. Each officer has a separate set of moral values but they all follow the same line. One of the things that most officers and soldiers are evaluated on is their ability to follow orders. Following an order might seem illogical to an officer at a given time but it is often essential to preserve peace in the community. Being an officer takes a very specific set of values.

One of them is good judgment. Scenarios change all the time and officers are forced to use their judgment and make the right call. Making the right call usually brings the officers praise from their superiors. In some other cases, it might bring a disciplinary action. Nevertheless, an officer’s decision-making ability is always there to make the call.

Officer Casavant is a conservation officer. His duties include going to check on reports of wild animals in his community. Wild animals pose a very big risk to families in the area. Sometimes they break into houses looking for food and find the owners instead. When this happens, the owners are faced with a decision. In most cases, they just leave the house and wait for the authorities to arrive.

There can be times when the wild animal sees the owners and sees them as threats. When this takes place, the animals sometimes decide to engage. By doing this, his fast thinking is crucial in saving lives. One day, he is sent to a very special report. A group of bears has broken into a home. The homeowners are very scared and many officers are dispatched to the area.

When all the officers get there, they discover that a mother bear and her cubs were looking for food. Unfortunately for the mother, she had to be euthanized as she was posing a big threat to everyone there. Officer Casavant also arrives at the scene and is given a very clear instruction: locate the remaining bears and put them down. The officer looks for the other bears around the area fearing something might have happened.

When he finds them, he is forced to make a judgment call. The bears are a couple of cubs that are looking for their mother. What will he do? Would he follow orders or will he follow his heart? The officer decides to follow his heart and with the help of firefighters catches the cubs. Instead of euthanizing them, he takes them to an animal conservation center. When his superiors find out, they immediately take harsh action. His case goes viral and a lot of people start signing a petition to reverse that decision. This is a remarkable story of how following your heart makes good things happen.