An officer walks into a prison with a dog. The pup has a unique reaction when he sees one inmate!

To all the brave Army, Marine, and Navy veterans who have sacrificed a lot, I salute you. It takes a very special person to become a serviceman and woman. They deserve much consideration for this although, in reality, it doesn’t always pan out that way. Some people even get upset when a veteran asks for something he is entitled to, like a discount at a fast-food store.

This actually took place and there was a video that went viral. It took place at a fast food restaurant. There was a long line of people were waiting impatiently for their turn when a man who was standing at the front of the line asked if they offered any discounts for war veterans. The cashier was about to answer when she was interrupted by a lady waiting in line.

The lady looked very upset and she started to argue with the veteran asking why he felt he had more rights than the other people who were waiting. I was outraged as well as many people there in the restaurant. The veteran answered that the rights that she was talking about had been paid by him along with many of his fellow servicemen who had paid the ultimate price.

The restaurant manager heard what had happened and offered the veteran his meal for free. The woman got even more upset and decided to leave the restaurant while more than one person started clapping. While this case might have caused many people to get upset, there have been other cases where people have acted very kindly.

Some of the servicemen and women who have served our country get to go back to their families. At times, they have some sort of disability that requires them to have a service dog. These service dogs have been specially trained to fill the different needs these veterans have. Such is the case of the dog in the following video.

His name is Pax and he was given to assist Bill Campbell, a war veteran. The veteran found out where his special dog had been trained and decided to pay them a visit. The veteran was greeted by the people in the entrance and it turned out it was a prison. The person who had trained the dog was a female inmate. Look at the heartwarming reunion of this dog with his trainer. The dog greets her as if he was greeting his owner or a person he had known for a long time!